Caution : Sony’s AI Real Estate Appraisal is Unimaginably Stupid

 Real estate appraisals calculated by Sony’s AI algorithm are often expensive than normal prices.

 Sometimes it is extremely high-priced.


 One of such crazy prices is below. This apartment normal price should be less than one-seventh of Sony’s appraisal.


 Surprisingly, they use this stupid one in their web advertisement so many times, claiming they can confidently show much higher valuation than competitors. (They don’t say they can sell it with this price.!!)   


 What makes Sony’s algorithm unimaginably stupid is unknow. Probably this is worse than Zillow Offer.

   I still believe Sony to be great and to be one of the best companies in Japan. However they are being confused in real estate business. Walkman was small but for Sony, houses are much bigger to handle.


 Anyway, be careful if you find Sony’s name in any brochures.


   For those who are investing in Japanese real estates.