Blackstone Japan Should Master Legendary Dance to Get Unizo’s Deal Done

Dear Blackstone US


 I am Japanese economist specialized in international real estate business. I would

be happy if you read my advice below on your complicated deal with Unizo.


 Blackstone is a great real estate company, but Blackstone Japan is not. They seem to be

less experienced and are chasing Unizo with the amount of cash. There are alternatives.


 Traditionally, real estate big persons favored tatami rooms. After finishing washoku, we exchanged so-called "kakushi-gei".


Three typical "kakushi-geis" below are probably effective for Unizo’s key person.


 Two of them are mimicries of Junko Sakurada and Momoe Yamaguchi. Both are typical kawaii

type idol pop stars of around 1970 when they are in mid-teen. Mr. Kosaki, the president of Unizo, was around eighteen at that time. No doubt that Junko and Momoe caught him.

 The most recommendable Junko Sakurada’s song is “ Cook, Cook”. This cook is not to cook something but sound of tweets of a blue bird which she believes will bring happiness and lucky to her.


 Among many big hits of Momoe Yamaguchi, “Play Back Part Ⅱ“ is easiest to strike her pose. In this song she’s driving her red Porche, irritated by young rude driver and shouted “Stop!” in her mind.

 Both songs are easy to master the pretense of them (You should not only sing but dance slightly  in that tatami room)


 The most effective dance is YASUKI BUSHI, pond loach hunting man’s dance. You can see this on the YouTube below.

 This dance is difficult to perform comically and sincerely(this is important point). So, requesting YASUKI BUSHI Preservation Committee to dispatch an instructor might be better, considering the current hard-pushed situation of Unizo’s case.


 Thank you for your reading this.

 I hope you good luck.




 From Kiyoshi Tsubota, Japan Transnational, Yokohama, Japan